The harvest

The harvest takes place in the second ten days of September when the grapes are fully ripe and rigorously by hand. It is the maximum expression of the tradition of these places, a moment in which the sums of the arduous work carried out during the year are drawn. Opportunities for joy, sharing and certainly tension until the end! The grapes, harvested manually, are transferred to our cellar within a short time thanks to the use of Bins, which guarantee the integrity of the bunch until the moment of pressing.

Heroic culture

Our vineyards located in impervious locations, with significant slopes, require us to cultivate them often in particularly difficult conditions. We, who aim to produce quality wines, dedicate ourselves with care and attention to our vines, overcoming obstacles and efforts. Our efforts, amplified by these extreme environmental conditions, become daily challenges. All phases of wine production, from cultivation, to harvesting, to transport to the cellar, are particularly onerous and do not allow the mechanization of any operation; everything is rigorously handmade, as in the past. However, our dedication is repaid by the success of an excellent product that we are proud to share with our friends and customers.