The base wine is obtained from a careful vinification for soft pressing, to extract only the juice from the heart of the grape. Then follows the decanting, where the turbid must is allowed to rest at 10-12 °C in steel tanks for about 12 hours. At the end of this operation, the clear part of the juice starts the vinifiction thanks to the natural ferments that, added to the juice, provoke the alcohol fermentation in steel tanks at a constant temperature of 16-18 degrees. The wine is then decanted and kept on the lees (sediment) at low temperature (10°C) until the moment of foaming in order to protect it from ageing and oxidation and make it more robust and structured.After scrupulous tasting, the various quantities in the Cantina are put together. The wines that are kept separate by origin, harvest year and organoleptic charateristics are “harmonised” in precise proportion.The wine becomes sparkling using the Italian Method (Charmat),which is ideal for
the production of sparkling fruity and floweral wines.The Charmat method allows the wine to go through the second fermentation in pressurized tanks rather than in individual bottles. Steel tank fermentation, at low temperature (15-16°C) is preferable for Prosecco because it preserves the freshness and the flavor of the grapes and produces fine and silky bubbles.